Our approach is to explore your business with fresh eyes to understand how you operate. We collaborate with you to innovate practical and achievable solutions and we get to the heart of the matter to invigorate your organisation.


What we do

We're about health

Francis Health has been delivering pragmatic, results-focused services to make positive changes across the health sector since 2002. Our aim is to assist each client organisation to effectively deliver high quality health services.


How we work

With people, the heartbeat of the organisation

We immerse ourselves in our clients' organisations across New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom. Together, we explore the challenges and possibilities for each project. We co-develop innovative solutions and in many cases we can rapidly deploy and test new ways of thinking and working straight away. We then nurture the leaders and help to invigorate the internal teams charged with implementation.


Our services

To improve operational performance

Our team provides performance improvement, organisational development, service review and redesign, leadership and team development, as well as project and programme management.