Our People

Francis Health was founded in New Zealand in 2002 and has expanded into the United Kingdom and Australia. Francis Health's strength is the calibre of its staff who bring a range of consulting expertise with over 50 years of experience and a deep understanding of the health sector. Stuart Francis is the Executive Chair with Rory Matthews and Martin Freeman Managing Partners for New Zealand and Australia respectively.

Stuart Francis

Executive Chair

Stuart has led strategy, improvement and change management for health service transformation programmes within the health systems of New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management. 
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Paddy Austin


Paddy is a leadership and organisational development specialist with over 25 years’ experience of senior management and governance. She leads the company’s primary care improvement practice in the UK.
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Rory Matthews

Managing Partner – New Zealand

Rory supports health organisations to deliver sustainable performance improvement by facilitating collaboration and innovation with Clinicians, Managers and Executives. His experience spans hospital productivity and efficiency programmes, service design for integrated care and health strategy.
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Martin Freeman

Managing Partner – Australia

Martin is an experienced management consultant and leader of Francis Health’s Australian practice, based in the Gold Coast, Queensland. He has worked with a wide range of public health sector and leading corporate clients in Australia, NZ and the UK.
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Naila Naseem


Naila has a gift and passion for enabling staff at all levels to see their world differently, and guides Executive teams to aspirational visions with creative and effective strategies to achieve them.
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Roger Hatrick-Smith


Roger is a Chartered Accountant although for most of his career he has been mentoring and advising businesses and owners on how to be innovative, solve problems and provide value or their clients. 
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ian sturgess bw1.jpg

Dr Ian Sturgess

Associate Medical Director

Dr Sturgess works across the Francis Health network and is currently engaged on a number of improvement projects with Francis Health.  Prior to joining, Ian worked as the clinical leader for Britain’s Emergency Care Improvement Program, working with more than 150 hospitals to enhance their emergency care performance. 

Andrew Terris


Andrew is experienced in the successful delivery of complex projects and programmes in commercial and public sectors, with a strong healthcare sector focus. He’s worked with clients of different cultures and across New Zealand, UK, Canada, US, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. 
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Christine Howard-Brown

Principal Associate

Christine has extensive experience in service design and improvement, strategy development and quality systems review in the health and disability sectors. She believes in improving the system for those that need it most. Read more

Phil Schulze


Phil is an experienced improvement professional with a passion for improving the healthcare experience for patients, families and staff alike. He has experience working with providers in delivering improvement projects across surgical services, acute flow and support process.
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Maree Munro

Senior Associate

As an expert in leading and implementing positive change, Maree helps clients identify ways to enhance the capabilities of their organisations, take ideas and, fully engage teams to turn them into actions. Read more

Stephanie Easthope


Stephanie has been working in improvement and service design for over 15 years.  Her passion is in helping teams to come up with ideas for improvement that will have a positive impact on both staff and the patients. Read more   

Denise Ward

Senior Associate

Denise has extensive international experience in the health sector, spanning both primary and secondary care, supporting clients to embrace change and implement sustainable improvement.
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Tiffany Spurway


Tiffany has a strong track record working with varied stakeholders and developing and delivering transformative reform. Her passion is creating effective health systems that help those who need it the most.          Read more

Silvia Park

Senior Consultant

After years of working as a dentist, Silvia’s desire to promote change and improvements on a population scale motivated her to pursue a career in consulting. She enjoys collaborating with a diverse range of people to successfully achieve realistic and sustainable goals. Read more

Jacqui Summers

Senior Consultant

Bringing enthusiasm and energy Jacqui works collaboratively to design and embed positive change. With a background in community health research and experience as a project manager her approach is grounded in best practice but balanced with what is achievable and practical. 
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Edward Robertson

Senior Consultant

Edward has a successful record of supporting healthcare systems across Australia and New Zealand with his pragmatic and analytical approach to improvement. He supports performance improvement through an ability to communicate and translate analytical information.
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Bridget Thompson

Senior Consultant

Bridget is an exceptional leader. Passionate about making health services safer, more effective and more efficient she enjoys working alongside a team to investigate a problem, identify a solution and lead and support them to make the process better for patients. Read more

Herman Sung


Herman brings expert business analyst skills from leading transformative IT solutions. He enjoys solving technical problems and distilling ideas in a way that decision makers can easily understand and act upon.           Read more

Clare Hoenig


Clare has a diverse range of experience in public health and social services, with a strong passion for health equality. Having worked internationally in program coordination and data analysis, she brings a unique combination of skills to deliver high quality improvements to the sector. Read more

Jake Jiang


Jake has a passion for change. As a recent graduate, he hopes to engage with others from all walks of life whilst developing his consulting and analytical skillsets, all whilst making a real difference to the healthcare sector.  Read more

Florence Gomes


Florence has a diverse background in compliance, risk and stakeholder management. Her passion lies with working with people, for people, with the goal of bringing about sustainable change to the health sector.          Read more

Sophie Oliff


Sophie uses her experience as a clinical pharmacist to marry her interest in design thinking, entrepreneurship and social change, to shift the needle in health service delivery. She enjoys empowering others to help achieve sustainable change. Read more

Tram Cao


Tram brings extensive experience in conducting research, analysis, and finding and solving management issues from a background that is both academic and practical. Read more


Andrea Singer

Office Manager

Angus McDowell


Angus has a background in business and health management, with experience in a variety of roles in public health settings. Angus is passionate about delivering sustainable improvements with a strong focus on patient focused care and experience. Read more


Biraween Sritharan